Categories16 Gauge


ShootsHGC-10 + C-80 plastic caps
Range1/4” – 5/8” (6 – 16mm)
Magazine Capacity60 pcs
Pressure60 – 90 psi
Weight1.2 kgs (2.65 lbs)
Dimensions (L x W x H)8.5” x 1.7” x 7.8”


  • Durable all metal body
  • Convenient light weight
  • Bottom loading
  • Powerful
  • Rear exhaust
  • Nose contact safety


Lumber wrap, lumber tagging, boat building, casket lining, doors, metal detectors, furniture, fiberglass layup, upholstery, insulating sheathing and all other applications where metal fasteners can damage tools and also to avoid fasteners removal.

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