Comes in a Systainer Stacking Case

Schematic Diagram and Part List


Shoots18 ga. brads
Range1/2” – 2” (12 – 50mm)
Magazine Capacity120 pcs
Pressure70 – 100 psi
Weight2.3 kgs (2.6 lbs)
Dimensions (L x W x H)9.2” x 3.1” x 9.5”


  • Light weight & well balanced
  • Fine precision nose for easy aiming
  • Rear exhaust
  • Swivel coupler plug
  • No-mar soft plastic nose tip
  • Contact safety
  • Built-in belt hook
  • Magazine sight window
  • Comes with Systainer case
  • Built-in blow gun
  • Bottle opener (seriously)


Furniture, doors + windows, beading, cabinets + drawers assembling, boat construction, skirting board fixing, wire covers, matchboarding, shoemaking, panels + frames assembling, upholstered + trim panels and
decorative trims.

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