Shoots 80 series staples (21 gauge)
Range  5/32” – 5/8” (4 – 16mm)
Magazine Capacity  280 pcs
Pressure  60 – 90 psi
Weight  1.1 kgs (2.45 lbs)
Dimensions (L x W x H)  13.8” x 1.7” x 5.8”


  • Durable all metal body
  • Convenient light weight
  • Hammer cap comes standard
  • Bottom loading
  • Powerful
  • Rear exhaust
  • Trigger safety
  • Double length magazine
  • Nose contact safety


Shoemaking, production + finishing of furniture, picture frames, cabinet backs, boat seating, video games + billiards, tv + stereo sets, wooden crates, automotive vinyl, interior trim, pre-upholstery, manufacturing of doors + windows, felt insulation and manufacturing of paper bags.

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